Christian Herde (member of the board)

Architect in Munich, married, two adult daughters. Christian is working as a volunteer for Little Flower e.V. since 2006. He is running the Little Flower office, especially taking care of the finances and the accounting. He visits the projects in India every year.

Phone +49–89–725 31 67
Fax +49-89–721 26 92


Barbara Hofmann  (member of the board)

Yoga teacher and healer, specialized on Ayurveda and medical employee in Regensburg. Barbara is engaged for Little Flower e.V. since 2006. She is particularly in charge of the scholarship program. Barbara too is visiting the Projects in India every one or wo years.

Phone +40-941-46392917


Sonja Leeb (member of the board)

is engaged in the board of Little Flower since 2002. She is caring especially for the greeting card project of PEARL Trust. Every two years she travels to India and visits the projects.

Tel. +49 941 703708