PEARL stands for ‘Educational movement for activating landless rural people’. The project was established in 1994 and is a non-profit making organisation in Tamil Nadu, India.
PEARL’s principle concern is to promote the holistic development of children, young girls and women who are socially and economically discriminated against. This group also includes children and young people who have discontinued their school education for various reasons. These activities extend to the rural and urban areas of Ramnad and Sivaganga. 
Our sponsorship programme is a good way of supporting a child in need and of improving his or her life in a sustainable way. It can bring a great deal of satisfaction.

The current donation level of € 150 covers the cost of caring for a child for one year.

If you would like to suppo t a child, we will send you a brief description of the circumstances in which they live and a photo of them and their family. We will also keep you up to date through reports and information from our staff.
There is no obligation, but if you wish you can also meet the child you are sponsoring. We hope, however, you will maintain a lively interest and continue your support until the child has finished their education.

Main project target groups

The target groups of the projects are: children of bird catchers and snake handlers who traditionally don’t attend school because of their itinerant lifestyle.

  • Children of Dalits
  • Lack of schools in rural areas
  • Children of weavers, refuse and sewage workers who are threatened by exploitation and oppression by higher castes
  • Children of families whose parents or relatives are employed as day labourers or unskilled workers in agriculture for extremely low wages and in poor conditions Criteria for being accepted
  • Danger of exploitation, abuse or negligence within the family
  • Child shows interest in school but is prevented by the family from attending