The Association

Little Flower is a non-profit organisation which supports social projects in southern India, particularly projects for women and children from Dalits, Indigenous and landless people. These people live ostracised from society and at subsistence level. Through Little Flower they are given a chance to improve their lives sustainably.

All work for Little Flower e.V. in Germany is done on a voluntary basis, so the costs for administration and public relations are less than 1% of the donations.

99 % of all donations go directly to the people affected in India!

Hence, the activities of Little Flower were able to be expanded considerably in recent years. From its modest beginnings in Chennai the organisation is currently funding four social projects in southern India to the tune of € 90.000 EUR a year giving thousands of people a better future.

Key aspects of Little Flower’s activities are:

  • supporting children’s school education
  • supporting women’s vocational education
  • health care
  • emergency help

Register information: domicile and tax identification number

Little Flower association is entered as an association in the register of societies of the District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany. It has been recognised as charitable by the Finanzamt für Körperschaften Munich, Germany under the tax number: 143/218/90068.

In the Netherlands it is recognised as charitable under the tax number: RSIN 8238 23 489.

Board members of Little Flower e.V.